CHINA PATENT PRODUCT User Registration Agreement

Please when you use the CHINA PATENT PRODUCT website (referred to "this website" in the following), before accepting the service provided by Jiangsu Baiten technology limited company, read carefully 《the user registration agreement》 (referred to "this agreement" in the following), you can continue to register only accept the agreement.

1.General rules

1.1 The user shall agree to the entire terms of this agreement and complete the registration procedure according to the instructions on the page. Users during the process of registration procedure, click on the "register" button indicates that the user reaches the following agreement with CHINA PATENT PRODUCT website, accepts all the terms and conditions under this agreement, and this agreement has legal effect between the user and CHINA PATENT PRODUCT, is legally binding upon both parties.

1.2 After the user has registered successfully, the user will obtain the user account of his own registration and the password of the self-designated password in the permission of patent explorer. The user account and password shall be kept by the user. Users take the legal liability for all activities and events carried out in their user accounts.

1.3 The patent explorer shall have the right to amend and update the agreement aperiodically. The revised agreement will effectively replace the original agreement as soon as it is announced. The new agreement will notify the user in an appropriate way when the new agreement is announced, and the user can query the latest agreement at any time.

1.4 If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, please immediately stop using this website and its services.

1.5 When you agree to use this website and its technical services, you should ensure that you have the capacity for civil conduct to sign the contract.

2. User registration

2.1 When you use this website or use the service of this website, you should provide complete, accurate and authentic registration information. If you do not provide complete, accurate and authentic registration information that cause the loss of your right, this website is not responsible for it.

2.2 Please keep your password and account properly. The website does not bear legal consequences due to the password and account leakage caused by the reason not due to this website.

2.3 When your account, username and password are used but not authorized by you, you should inform this website in time. The website will take actions in time to reduce your profit loss. However, the website is not responsible for the loss before taking the actions.

2.4 You are obliged to keep confidential the commercial secrets you have known from this website. You may not disclose or allow any third party to use the commercial secrets without the written permission of the website.

3.User information protection

3.1 The website will collect user information including registration information and subscription information when you register your account and use the website.

3.2 CHINA PATENT PRODUCT protects the collected user information involved in the identification of users' personal identity and personal privacy, will not provide the users' information to the public or to any third party, except the following:

3.2.1 Users agree to let third parties share the information;

3.2.2 Users agree to share their personal data to the public and enjoy providing the products and services;

3.2.3 According to the stipulation made by laws and regulations or the request from administrative organization, disclose to the third party stipulated by administrative organization, judiciary authorities or other laws.

4. User behavior specification

4.1 You can not remove or modify our service marks, registered trademarks, documents and pictures, computer software, etc. from their original positions;

4.2 You can not infringe upon the intellectual property rights involved in the content and computer software of this website;

4.3 Do not register malicious user account or use this website account, do illegal activities, and disturb, cheat, damage other website, and website users.

4.4 It is not allowed to install plug-ins or software in the content of this website or in the information you upload, such as upload, link, jump, and promotion of unauthorized information on the website.

4.5 It is not allowed to use this website to upload the contents that violate laws, administrative regulations and Internet management department, including but not limited to: promote violence, pornography, undermining national unity, insult, slander of others.

4.6 This website is not allowed to be used to disseminate viruses, engage in hacker attacks, invade computer systems and steal others.

4.7 For the foregoing behavior described from 4.1 to 4.6 items that violate laws, administrative regulations, this website has the right to delete illegal information without informing you and close your account and cancel it, no longer provide intellectual property services, and do not refund you all fees you have paid; You are responsible for all the loss, .this website has none responsibilities.

5. CHINA PATENT PRODUCT service rules and contents

5.1 Users should be equipped with the equipment for consulting and surfing the Internet by themselves.

5.2 Patent explorer users agree to accept this platform by E-mail, message platform, instant messaging client, web pages or other legal ways to send the user intellectual property information service content or other related services information.

5.3 The service right obtained by the user according to this agreement are not transferable.

5.4 Users should comply with the national laws, administrative regulations, or the service agreement, if user has illegal behaviors damage the legitimate rights and interests of others, causing any damage to this platform or suffer from any third party claim, etc., the user should compensate this platform for the corresponding loss, on the violation of the terms of service of users and bear all the legal responsibility all the consequences.

6. Disclaimer

6.1 To prevent hackers and computer virus invasion has always been the goal of our efforts, we will take actions, including the use of the present protection actions, to protect the user's registration information and account security, as well as the security of this website. However, we cannot guarantee that your account and password of this website must be protected from attack. As a result, we have exemption because of the uncommon use.

6.2 The failure of the communication line uncontrolled by the website causes your loss when use the website, does not take responsibilities for compensation.

6.3 Due to the technical failure of this website and other unpredictable events that affect the normal operation of the service, this website promises to cooperate with the relevant company in the first time to manage to repair it in a timely manner. However, the website is not responsible for all the loss you have suffered.

6.4 You should make a backup in advance when you upload the document to this website. The website is not responsible for the loss of your information.

6.5 We will be exempted from responsibility for your inability to use the site due to government or judicial behavior.

6.6 In the condition that the employee of this website does not violate your statutory duty, the website is not responsible for the loss of your information.

7. Intellectual Property Statement

7.1 The only owner and user of this website and its technology is Jiangsu Baiten Technology Limited Company.

7.2 The contents of this website and the property rights and intellectual property of computer technology software belong to Jiangsu Baiten Technology Limited Company. Users shall not infringe intellectual property rights.

8. Notification and announcement

8.1All the notification sent to the user by CHINA PATENT PRODUCT, will be send by page notification, mobile phone message, client information push delivery or E-mail. CHINA PATENT PRODUCT activity information will also be regularly or irregularly through this way to the user. User changes to the terms of the agreement, service changes, or other important event notification will also in this form.

8.2Users can choose to accept or not accept patent explorer send subscription information and other information by the ways described in the previous item. The user can choose not to accept, can cancel send the information at any time.

9.Law jurisdiction and application

9.1 This agreement conclude, execution, explanation and solution of the controversy are applicable to the law of the People's Republic of China on the mainland.

9.2 If the terms of this agreement and the laws are in conflict, these terms will explain completely according to the law, but does not affect the legal effect and impact of other legal terms to the user.

9.3 The provision of this agreement is divisible, if any provision of this agreement be ruled as invalid or unenforceable, then the rules can be deleted, do not affect the remaining provision to continue.

9.4 If both parties have any provision because of this agreement content or other execution, they should negotiate it friendly; If negotiation fails, any party can initiate legal proceeding to Shanghai Xuhui District People's Court and the People's Court at the next higher level.